June 18, 2021

The price of the cheapest Australian footwear is soaring, with the country’s biggest cities offering a vast range of styles to suit any budget.

Key points:There are more than 40 styles of footwear available at most cities in Australia including trainers, sandals, boots, sandalwood, boots and shoes with a heelCape Town’s top five are all within walking distance of each other.

There are also more than 50 styles of shoes at the national parks, with many more at major international airports and major shopping malls.

And the number of styles is rising across the country, with some cities offering more than one style at a time.

The country’s top cities for footwear are Cape Town (11 styles), Melbourne (9 styles), Brisbane (8 styles), Perth (7 styles), Adelaide (7 types) and Canberra (6 styles).

While many of the more expensive styles can be found in cities across the continent, there are also many styles that can only be found at Australian cities.

Cape town’s top 10 most expensive city styles are:Sandals ($130)Rooibos ($135)Rozell’s ($135), Mocca’s ($115)Wetlands ($110)Woolworths ($90)Shoes ($70)Razors ($55)Tops ($50)The top 10 cities for shoes include:CapeTown ($85)Cape City (Melbourne) ($80)Brisbane ($80), Canberra ($80, $100)Perth ($75)Melbourne ($80).

Cape Hill ($75), Byron Bay ($74)Bendigo ($74), Cootamundra ($73), Cairns ($72)Darwin ($70), Darwin ($68), Darwin South ($68)Cairns $65, Adelaide ($64)Darren (63) (60)Lincoln ($60)Darrelton ($56), Launceston ($52), Newcastle ($50), Nelson ($49)Parramatta ($47), Perth ($47)West Coast ($47, $47)Wollongong ($46)Wodonga ($45)Auckland ($43), Hobart ($42)Gippsland ($42), Wollongington ($41)Southport ($40)Watford ($39)The list includes more than 20 styles that are not available in the national cities, with a number of other styles found in regional cities as well.

“These are the cities that I would say are my favourite, and that’s because I have so many favourites,” Mr Smith said.

“There’s just so many styles out there.

It’s really hard to find the right one in a city like Sydney.”

Mr Smith said he was also happy to have options in the big cities as he could often travel by train or plane.

“You can get to Sydney, you can get a couple of flights, you’ll have the chance to see the big stars in the world, you get a whole lot more out of it,” he said.

Mr Smith is just one of many who are discovering the wonders of Australia’s footwear scene.

The price of shoes in Australia has risen in recent years, and with the cost of living increasing, there is an increased demand for quality footwear for all occasions.

“We’ve seen it in our local shops, we’ve seen that in our online shopping, and I think it’s just the nature of the beast,” he added.

“I think we’ve just got to be more aware of the fact that people in this country are looking for quality products, and we need to cater to that.”


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