July 11, 2021

In a country where clothes are coveted and even required, luxury brands have long been seen as a way to make money and make the country’s political elites feel good.

But as Trump’s brand has gained traction and as his business empire expands, the trend is becoming a source of concern for the Trump family, who have spent much of their adult lives building a global empire.

They have taken advantage of Chinese demand for luxury goods to become one of the world’s wealthiest families, and they have done so in ways that many American consumers would find troubling.

The Trump brand, which is valued at more than $30 billion, has made headlines in China over the years, including a lawsuit filed in 2015 by a former Chinese model alleging she was fired from the company because she was deemed too fat.

Now, Trump is facing criticism for using his own brands to sell luxury goods in China, as well as for paying bribes to officials in the country.

Trump, who is a real estate magnate, said the suit was not his and said he had not received any payments from China for his clothing business.

“I have never received a payment from any country for anything, including for my clothing business,” he said during a news conference on Wednesday.

“This is a total fabrication.”

But critics say the Trump brand is inextricably linked to the Chinese government, which uses it to maintain control over the country and exert its will in a number of ways.

It is also a source for controversy in China because Trump’s name is one of China’s official names.

And as the Trump empire expands in China and expands to more countries, it could complicate Trump’s efforts to rebuild his tarnished image there.

China is one the world, in part, for Trump, who was born in the United States and is an American citizen.

While the Trump name is not part of Chinese national symbols, the president has been criticized for using the brand in China to promote his brand.

During his presidential campaign, Trump said he would bring back the brand if elected.

But he did not say how he would do that, saying he was not yet sure.

A number of Trump’s trademarks in China have been suspended for violations of the countrys laws against trademark counterfeiting.

As Trump continues to expand his empire in China in ways Americans would find distasteful, the issue of trademark infringement has been on his mind.

On Tuesday, the Justice Department said it would be opening an investigation into Trump’s trademark violations.

Chinese officials, who are largely silent on the issue, have criticized Trump’s use of their countrys name.

In a statement, a Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman said the use of the name is “inappropriate and violates China’s trademark law.”

The spokeswoman did not provide any details about what the trademark violation was or if the investigation was linked to any of Trumps activities.

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