July 13, 2021

Recode’s Josh Dubner takes a look at the deals of the past few years.1.

The ‘Apple for kids’ dealApple and Amazon are among the top companies to offer discounts on new and used iPhones, iPads, Macs and other Apple products.

It’s also a huge opportunity for parents and grandparents, especially if you live in a suburb or small town.2.

The Google for kids dealGoogle is making the Google Home smart speaker a kid-friendly device, offering a $60 discount on the unit, which can also be used for online learning and gaming.3.

The Microsoft for kids offerMicrosoft is offering a discounted Microsoft Surface Pro 4 laptop for $199 off the usual price of $899, including shipping.4.

The Lenovo for kids Microsoft’s laptop for kids is offering discounts of up to 40% on the regular price of around $1,199 on top of the regular shipping price.5.

The Samsung for kids Samsung’s flagship Samsung smartphone is also offering a 40% savings on the usual $899 price.6.

The HTC for kids HTC’s new flagship smartphone is offering up to $60 off the regular $799 price on top on shipping, with a minimum purchase of $699.7.

The Xiaomi for kids Xiaomi is offering discounted Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphones for $200 off the normal price of about $1.49.8.

The Apple for kids Apple is offering deals on Apple Watch and iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 for up to 30% off regular prices.9.

The Dell for kids Dell is offering the Dell Inspiron 15 laptop for about $150 off the typical price of nearly $1 and shipping.10.

The Amazon for kids Amazon is offering 50% off the standard $799 retail price on its website.11.

The HP for kids HP is offering $100 off the HP TouchPad 15 laptop and the HP Pavilion G15 notebook for $100, with the minimum purchase being $299.12.

The LG for kids LG is offering 30% discount on LG Laptop 2 laptop for the regular pricing of $1., with the shipping cost reduced to $199.13.

The ZTE for kids ZTE is offering 60% off ZTE Notebook 5 for $299, with minimum purchase at $1299.14.

The Asus for kids Asus is offering 40% discount to the Asus Zenbook Pro 15 tablet for $249, with shipping and delivery included.15.

The Sony for kids Sony is offering 25% discount at the regular retail price of roughly $1 on the Sony Xperia Z1 tablet, with delivery included and shipping included.16.

The Acer for kids Acer is offering 20% discount and 50% discount off the Acer Iconia 15 tablet with free shipping on the original Acer A10 notebook, with all other prices listed.17.

The ASUS for kids ASUS is offering 35% discount in-store on all of its computers for $449, with optional shipping included, shipping included and free shipping.18.

The Panasonic for kids Panasonic is offering 15% off Panasonic’s latest notebook, the 14-inch Panasonic K3.19.

The Razer for kids Razer is offering 10% off Razer Blade Stealth gaming mouse with free delivery.20.

The Meizu for kids Meizu is offering an in-stock gift for $50 off the Meizu Meizu MX 3 tablet.21.

The Oculus for kids Oculus is offering 45% off Oculus Rift, with free in-home delivery, free in store delivery and free online shopping.22.

The OnePlus for kids OnePlus is offering 65% off OnePlus OnePlus One, with up to 50% discounted in-house shipping, free shipping and free in person shopping.23.

The B&Q for kids B&amps for Kids is offering 75% off B&ams for Kids, with 100% of that discount extended to B&&ampz for kids, with additional discounts to be announced.24.

The iRobot for kids iRobotic is offering 85% off iRobotics Roomba, with in-person delivery and online shopping included.25.

The GoPro for kids GoPro is offering free shipping to GoPro Pro cameras and accessories, with online shopping and in-room delivery included, with some additional offers to be confirmed.26.

The Garmin for kids Garmin is offering 100% free shipping, shipping and online checkout on all Garmin products, with discounts to also be announced later.27.

The Logitech for kids Logitech is offering 70% off Logitech keyboard, mouse, and headset, with discount code RED for $39.95.28.

The T-Mobile for kids T-Mo is offering unlimited voice calls and text to all T-Mob devices, with $15 in-app purchase.29.

The Canon for kids Canon is offering 80% off Canon DSLR cameras and lenses, with discounted shipping.30.

The Xpress for kids Xpress is offering special introductory deals on its Xpress

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