July 17, 2021

In the latest issue of TIME, we asked readers to name the most and least comfortable pairs of shoes they own.

While there’s a lot of overlap, it was the Pro-Clothes-Shoes brand that came out on top.

And now, we’ve got a new poll of TIME readers to share their thoughts on this.

What are the five most comfortable shoes?

Pro-clothing shoes: “I’m very comfortable wearing the ProClothes shoes.

I can walk up to the door and walk out without having any pain.”

“The ProClothing shoes are very comfortable.

They’re not too heavy, and they’re not bulky.

I like them a lot.”

“I wear the Proclothes shoes a lot.

I wear them when I’m traveling or on a business trip.

They are the only shoes I can wear on my own that are not uncomfortable.”

“These ProClotics shoes are comfortable and versatile.

I love them.”

“As someone who’s always had to wear tight clothes, I always find them to be a little restrictive.

But I can get through a long day with them.

I just wear them every day.”

“They are the right shoes for me.

I’m very happy with them.”

Clothes: “My wardrobe is my favorite, and I don’t wear much clothing.

When I’m not wearing clothes, my feet get tired and I can’t stand up straight.”

“My favorite clothing shoe is the ProShoes.

They have a very versatile design and are really comfortable.”

“When I wear a pair of ProCloses shoes, they are always the perfect fit for me.”

“Clothes that are tight and tailored, I love.

They always fit me well.”

Shoes: “When it comes to shoes, I don.

I prefer my shoes to be comfortable and sturdy.

I also like to wear them with a bit of extra support.”

“There are so many shoes that are so comfortable that I never want to wear any of them.

When it comes down to it, my favorite shoes are my ProClots shoes.

They fit me really well.”

“Some of the shoes I wear when I travel or in the field are too tight, so I prefer the ProTights shoes.

When they’re worn, they feel amazing.”

Footwear: “In the summer, I have the Nike Air Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers with the leather lining, and when I wear the Nike Zoom Vapor Shoes, I wear an Adidas Air Max 360 Boost sneakers.

My favorite shoe is probably the Air Max 300, and the Air Boost 300 is my go-to shoe for when I want a more casual look.”

“It’s nice to wear shoes that have a natural texture, but the shoes that I wear most are my AirMax shoes.

The Zoom Vapor and AirMax are my favorites.”

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