July 23, 2021

A $5 million prize has been offered for the use of a pair of shoes by the Kiwi National Footwear Association (KNFAA) for the promotion of good local style.KNFAAA was founded in the 1980s and was originally set up to promote Kiwi style and good local brands.

But in recent years the organisation has increasingly been seen as a front for big business and lobbying groups who want to see Kiwi brands promoted overseas.

As a result, the organisation was created in 2013 to promote local fashion, which is why the organisation is so keen to promote the shoes of the KNFAA’s current president, Scott Brown.

“I think that’s really the way that we have to go forward and try and support local businesses to create a more local-based business,” Brown told the ABC.

“The fact that we are not really a brand is a really big issue.”

Mr Brown said he hoped the shoes would help Kiwi fashion industry grow.

“It will be a huge boost to the local fashion industry,” he said.

“We’re really focused on supporting local business in this area.”

The winner will receive the $5,000 prize, along with a certificate of recognition, which will be displayed in a KNFAAA shop in Auckland.

The shoes are designed by New Zealand shoe designer Kiki Brown.

The winning design will be exhibited at the Kneejerk Clothing Show in November.

The winners will be announced on Sunday.

“It’s about trying to inspire young people and people of all ages, to try and make the world a better place,” Brown said.


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