August 3, 2021

Indian fashion designers are expressing concern over the growing popularity of sneakers in the country and have been demanding a ban on the footwear in public places, with one saying “no shoes are good time”.

According to a statement by fashion designer Jyoti Prasad, she and her husband bought a pair of high-end sneakers for their wedding dress last week, but “it didn’t feel good”.

The couple were expecting a formal reception, but after the shoes were worn by the groom, Prasada says, “it was too much.

He felt uncomfortable”.”

We had been wearing them for over an hour, and the shoes felt like they were made of plastic.

When we went back to wear them, they were the same,” she said.

The Prasads had been in India since 2015 and were spending a lot of time there, and have grown increasingly fond of the country’s fashion scene, she said, adding that “this is not a good times to wear sneakers in public”.

“No shoes are really good time to wear these shoes.

I don’t think the shoes have the best material quality, but the material quality is good enough.

I think it is better to wear plain socks,” she added.

While Prasadan says she is considering changing her mind, she added that “no sneakers are good”.

“I don’t feel like we are going to be wearing them at our wedding, but if I am, I will make sure to change my mind,” she told the Times of Indian.

She also said she was not sure how she would feel about having a new shoe for her wedding dress next week.

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