August 7, 2021

Fox News anchor Meghan Kelly was not amused by the notion of wearing a medieval outfit.

Kelly had asked why the clothing was given to her as a gift.

“Well, I’m the queen of the world, and you’re my husband and I’m giving you something you have no right to give me as a Christmas gift,” Kelly said.

She then asked the queen if she would mind if I put on a gown or skirt and I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a coat or something.

Kelly then said she wanted to be “kind of the king of the gown” because she doesn’t want the “dressing room to be like this.”

“You know, I want to be the king.

I don�t want to wear a robe or anything.

I want it to be this beautiful gown that you have to wear and I can’t be the queen and I am the queen,” Kelly added.

When Kelly asked why she wanted the gown, she was told, “You know what, I like to wear skirts.”

Kelly then continued by asking, “Do you wear skirts?”

“I do, I do,” Kelly replied.

While Kelly was talking, a guest came over to say hello to Kelly.

He was dressed in a Victorian gown and said, “Hello, Mrs. Kelly, this is Mr. Anderson.”

“Mr. Anderson?”

Kelly said, puzzled.

Anderson said, “Mrs. Kelly.

I am a gentleman from England.

I have come to your house and I want your help in this matter.”

Kelly responded, You’re going to have to call me Mr. Jones.

“Kelly said, Anderson told her, “No, I will call you Mrs. Jones, sir.

You are welcome to come here anytime.

“Anderson continued, “Mrs. Jones you have asked me a question.

You asked me why I wanted this dress.

I said, ‘I just wanted you to wear it.’

“Anderson then asked Kelly, “I’m just going to say this, and I hope you understand this.

You’re going, ‘Well, if you like it, you can wear it.’

“Kelly replied, “Thank you, sir.””

I think you are a great gentleman and I really love you and I appreciate it. “

I just want to say I really appreciate the help you’re giving me.

I think you are a great gentleman and I really love you and I appreciate it.

You’ve got a wonderful husband, and he’s very supportive of you.

You have a wonderful daughter and she’s very lovely and you have a beautiful daughter, and your daughter loves you, and she loves to see you, so I appreciate that.”

Meghan Kelly and her husband, the king, arrive at the White House in 2017.

During the presidential campaign, Kelly was often critical of Trump, who had called Kelly a liar during a campaign rally.

Trump responded to the criticism by saying, “It’s a very beautiful dress.

It’s not my dress.

If I did wear it, it wouldn’t be a very good dress.”

The king and queen were welcomed by thousands of people as they left the Whitehouse.

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