August 7, 2021

A brand new adidas sneakers line from India.

Adidas has partnered with Indian clothing company Sperry and other brands to bring the brand’s NMD sneaker line to India, the company has announced.

Adidas India’s first ever NMD footwear line is set to launch in India on October 12.

The new NMD range will feature the company’s signature NMD-1 and NMD1-1 sneakers.

The new sneakers will come in two sizes, Sperries NMD and Sperrys NMD2.

The SperRY Sperre sneakers will also be available in a limited edition version of only 5,000 pairs each.

These shoes are priced at Rs 5,799 (around Rs 4,000 US) on

These shoes will be available to purchase at adidas stores in India, India’s largest online retailer, on November 13.

The NMD Sperrey sneakers are set to be available for purchase on November 10.

These sneakers are being manufactured in India at, and are expected to ship in December.

The adidas Sperrie sneakers will be made in India by adikes and will retail for Rs 4999 (around £2,400).

The shoes will feature a leather upper, with a white rubber outsole.

Advertisers are also expected to be keen on these shoes, especially as adidas is looking to expand its footwear portfolio in India.

These adidas sneaker launches are a good indication of how well adidas has positioned itself as a trusted brand for Indian consumers.

In fact, adidas India was listed as the best-performing brand in India last year by Brand Intelligence, with the company ranked ahead of the likes of Nike, Puma, Adidas and Reebok.

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