August 9, 2021

NEW YORK CITY (AP) — New York city is making fashion a way of life.

Its new shoe-themed street style is the first major U.S. city to embrace a new, high-fashion aesthetic.

The city’s newly-launched shoe city is named after the city’s hipster fashion scene.

The brand, called Shoe City, will showcase shoes in the streets and on the sidewalks.

“The shoe city concept is not about the store, it’s about the person,” said Paul Schlosser, the chief marketing officer for the city.

“Shoe city is about the lifestyle.

It’s about making shoes fun, smart and fashionable.”

The brand’s street style centers on street-wear basics like sandals, boots and leather.

Shoes are all the rage these days and shoes are often a symbol of fashion.

“If you look at what’s going on in the street today, the shoes that are worn today are the ones that we’re seeing,” said Schloss, adding that the trend is gaining traction in other cities.

The shoe city logo features an upside down triangle, with the word “Shoebox” in the center and a star.

“We’re really embracing this brand and the city and we’re embracing our brand and we’ll embrace the community,” said Sholeh Alsouli, who founded Shoe-City in February.

Sholelias clothing, shoes and footwear range is geared toward men.

The shoes range from $140 to $1,200, and are available online.

The street style takes cues from the fashion, with shoes that look like a skateboard.

Sholes will wear a leather jacket or dress, sneakers or a pair of pants.

It also will feature a signature sneaker, a denim jacket or a denim shirt.

The fashion and style will be popular on the street, with people wearing them to social events and shopping.

“There’s something about the street that we feel is just a natural part of who we are,” said Alsouls clothing, footwear and footwear executive.

“This is a part of our DNA, and we want to be able to embrace that, and to help people experience that.”

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