August 26, 2021

The clothes you buy or wear should be donated to the Salvation Army.

You can even donate your shoes.

You don’t need a car.

If you need a lift, there’s a Salvation Army shuttle service nearby.

The Salvation Army is a nonprofit charitable organization with more than 30,000 members.

You’ll get a discount on a monthly donation to $50 to give to homeless families and other people in need.

Donations are accepted at most Salvation Army locations in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Pasadena, Oakland, San Diego, Sacramento and Riverside, according to the organization.

A lot of the clothes we donate go to homeless people.

They need clothes to stay warm, so they need new clothes, as well as clothing for other people to wear.

I’m going to give it to them for the next six months.

It’s an amazing gift.

It will go to the people that need it most, not the ones that want it.

They don’t have money to spend on clothes.

The clothes that are donated go directly to the families that need them most.

The charities focus on a wide range of items.

They’re not just clothes for the homeless, said Karen Joffe, senior program director of the Salvation Department.

They help people with disabilities and the poor.

If people need clothes, the clothes they need are donated to those people.

I think they do a great job.

I hope they’re able to continue to do so.

There’s not much of a difference in what we do with what we donate.

You give the clothes to people in dire need, and the clothes go to people who need them.

We have no reason to give them the clothes that they need to stay alive.

The agency’s mission statement states that clothing and shelter for the needy is a top priority.

Salvation Army shelters are equipped to help people who are living on the streets, but many homeless people can’t afford the clothing that they require to survive.

They can’t pay rent, and there’s nowhere to put it.

To help alleviate their poverty, the Salvation Armys mission includes providing clothing to people living on social assistance and providing a place for them to live, wash, cook and feed themselves.

There are several shelters throughout the city that offer clothing for people in desperate need.

The agency is also partnering with organizations in the San Gabriel Valley, including the Los Angeles County Homeless Services Agency and the San Diego Housing Authority.

They are also working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to identify and help the families of people who were abused, raped, or kidnapped in their childhoods.

It’s very important that we help them be independent and live with dignity.

We need to be able to support them in their recovery and provide them with the necessities that they may need, such as food, clothing, shelter, and financial assistance.

People that we’re serving don’t necessarily need our clothes.

They may need the clothes from their family, friends, or even someone else.

They can also go to a Salvation Alliance shelter, where they can receive clothing for their needs.

The Salvation Army has partnered with a number of homeless shelters, including Los Angeles Public Housing Authority, San Jose Public Housing Agency and San Diego Public Housing, said Joffes.

The organization has about 1,000 locations in the United States.

There have been about 40,000 donations to the agency.

People donate their clothes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The average donation is about $25.

Donations are only accepted in person at the Salvation armys office, where volunteers help organize and distribute donations, said Jonie E. Boulware, the department’s senior outreach specialist.

There is a $25 handling fee, which is not charged to the person donating.

It is processed by the Salvation Alliance.

Donation packages of clothing can be picked up at Salvation Army facilities throughout the United State, which are located at:

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