September 16, 2021


Do you want to know how to buy the best gear for every job?

Here’s how.2.

Find the best way to buy, and then buy the things you need to get the job done.3.

Find out what the best products are.4.

Choose a good shirt for your job.5.

Get your first job interview.6.

Find your best boss.7.

Find that next job you want.8.

Find a job.9.

Go home and start your new job.10.

Find something else to do.11.

Do some research.12.

Buy a new pair of shoes for your next job.13.

Find work that matches your style.14.

Find some fun stuff to do with your kids.15.

Get some money to get you started.16.

Go out for drinks and dinner.17.

Go back to your favorite place to watch TV.18.

Find ways to make money while you’re there.19.

Make a list of your goals and how to get there.20.

Make your first investment in a new company.21.

Start a business.22.

Start your own business.23.

Make money on your own terms.24.

Go for a walk or run.25.

Get a haircut.26.

Go to the beach.27.

Get out for a weekend.28.

Go shopping.29.

Find an extra-long vacation.30.

Learn how to live a life you want without worrying about money.31.

Find great restaurants and bars to eat.32.

Go on a cruise.33.

Learn the local culture.34.

Get away on a vacation.35.

Make new friends.36.

Go fishing.37.

Go camping.38.

Go sailing.39.

Do a hike.40.

Find interesting things to do in your area.41.

Take a class.42.

Go hunting.43.

Learn to play guitar.44.

Go swimming.45.

Learn a new language.46.

Take an online course.47.

Get an apprenticeship.48.

Learn more about a job in a different industry.49.

Make more money.50.

Start to take care of yourself.51.

Find more ways to save money.52.

Find what you really love.53.

Learn something new.54.

Find things to buy.55.

Find new places to work.56.

Go hiking.57.

Go sightseeing.58.

Get more exercise.59.

Find someone you like.60.

Go grocery shopping.61.

Go bowling.62.

Go riding.63.

Go skiing.64.

Learn about a business in your town.65.

Start another business.66.

Start or buy a new business.67.

Start an online business.68.

Find one that’s your favorite.69.

Start the next one you’re working on.70.

Start planning your next project.71.

Take classes.72.

Get into an online or print course.73.

Take your first course online.74.

Learn online.75.

Start online course on a subject you love.76.

Go online for a class or workshop.77.

Learn by doing.78.

Make the move to a new location.79.

Go somewhere to work or play.80.

Learn from someone who has done it before.81.

Make an online video lesson.82.

Find online videos.83.

Go a photography trip.84.

Learn photography.85.

Find and buy a camera.86.

Find inspiration.87.

Learn music.88.

Go dancing.89.

Go traveling.90.

Get married.91.

Get divorced.92.

Start and run a business with your friends.93.

Find amazing places to eat or drink.94.

Get involved with a nonprofit or charity.95.

Get in touch with a friend or family member.96.

Get back in touch.97.

Make friends with the person you love the most.98.

Go with someone who you’ve always admired.99.

Find time to do something you love in the new year.100.

Learn Spanish.

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