September 24, 2021


The Japanese are known for their extraordinary durability and are the first to make shoes that last longer than expected. 

They have pioneered the development of superlubricated soles and superstrong materials to give these shoes their exceptional durability. 

For example, the company has developed a pair of ultra-tough, lightweight leathers that can withstand more than 100,00 miles of continuous running. 

Japanese cloth shoes also have the advantage of being able to withstand the extreme temperatures in Japan’s scorching hot summers. 

Japan’s extreme weather conditions have forced manufacturers to innovate, with shoes that have already been designed for the heat. 

This innovative technology has led to an unprecedented amount of research, including the development and creation of super-toughened shoes. 

A study published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology showed that in one year, about 40% of the materials used in Japanese clothing have been patented. 

“There is a real need for the Japanese to continue innovation and to do research to better understand how these shoes perform and how they can be used to protect the human body,” said Professor Yoshio Ogawa, a professor of anthropology at the University of Tokyo and the author of the study. 

According to Professor Ogawa and other researchers, these innovative shoes are the next step in making shoes that are stronger and more durable than those used by the average consumer. 

One of the most important advances of the research has been the development, with the help of Japanese shoe maker, of a new leather shoe. 

To create this new leather, the researchers created a synthetic material that has not been used before. 

It is known as “silicone rubber”, and the researchers have developed a method to chemically treat it to create a highly flexible, lightweight material. 

Silicone rubber is used in many everyday products including food packaging, clothing, and personal care products. 

Professor Ogawa believes that these new rubber shoes are not only strong and durable, but also very easy to clean and maintain. 

While it has not yet been tested on humans, he said that it should be possible to produce them in a factory that could produce them for about $2 per pair. 

In addition to the research published in American Journal, the study also found that the Japanese are the only nation in the world that have been able to produce these new shoes for up to 10 years. 

Another innovative innovation in the field of Japanese leather shoes has been a breakthrough in the development in the production of flexible material, the “flexible flex” that is used for the shoe soles. 

These flexible flexes are used to increase the durability of the soles, preventing the sole from breaking and causing a cracking of the surface of the shoe. 

 This innovative innovation has been developed by the Japanese shoe company, ShoeSource, and is currently being used by companies around the world. 

With this innovative innovation, it has been possible to reduce the cost of these shoes.

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