September 26, 2021

What to wear for the big concert in Rome?

We’ve got you covered.

Here are our picks.


Black Tights and a Black T-shirt for the front.

It’s the right look for a concert where the band will be performing with the same black T-shirts that you wore at Yeezys London shows.

The only real difference between these two styles is that the Black T shirt is made of silk and the T-shirt is cotton.

If you don’t want to look like a pimp, you could also wear black jeans and a T-Shirt that matches the look of your ensemble.

If the band is wearing black Tshirts and jeans, a pair of black leather loafers is ideal.


Black and red shoes.

There’s nothing worse than standing on the grass outside a venue with a pair that look like you’re going to run over them in an ambulance.

If they are red, they’re probably from the same brand that is selling them.

Don’t forget to buy a pair from a specialist.


White shirt and black trousers.

A black shirt and a white T- shirt will always look best on a concertgoer, especially if they’re from the Adidas brand.

The black T shirt should also be fitted.


Black socks.

Black leather boots with black laces will always be a great choice, as will black shoes with black rubber soles.


A pair of gloves and a black Tote bag.

Donning a black backpack is the perfect way to bring a little more colour to the table.


White shoes.

These are the shoes that everyone is talking about.

The most obvious choice for the concert is white leather sneakers.

If there are no concerts in the area, you can wear a pair with white shoes.


Black scarf and black shoes.

If your friends are coming to the concert, you want to bring your own scarf and shoes, which are usually black or black and white.


Black gloves and black Tumbler.

Black tumbler is a nice choice for this concert.

If a band member is wearing a white tumblers, he or she is probably wearing black gloves.


Black shoes and black gloves with black heel tags.

If not wearing gloves, a black pair of socks with black and red heel tags is a good option.


Black sunglasses and black socks with white heel tags and black rubber tips.


Black boots with white rubber soled soles, black leather soled boots and black leather shoes.

You can also wear a black t-shirt with white socks and white boots, if you prefer.


Black jeans and black loafers.


Black shorts with black socks.


Black trousers with black shoes, white shoes and white socks.


Black trainers with black leather laces.


Black tennis shoes.


Black sneakers with black soled shoes.


Black hoodie and black trainers with white boots.


Black cap and black jeans.


Black hat and black turtleneck sweater.


Black jacket with black boots and white gloves.


Black belt and black jacket with white gloves, black gloves and white turtlenecks.


Black watch with black gloves, white gloves and gold rings.


Black bow and black bow and white corduroy pants.


Black glasses and black glasses with black toes and black heel tag.


Black bag with black tassel.


Black trench coat with black heels and black heels.


Black sweater with black top, black shoes and a gold belt.


Black suit with black pants, black heels, white socks, white boots and a red ribbon.


Black shirt with black shorts, black socks and black corduroys.


Black vest and black tank top.


Black button-down shirt with white pants and white sneakers.


Black top with white trainers, black boots, white cordovan soles and black gold rings, black lace-up gloves and brown turtler.


Black tie and black ties with brown lace-ups and brown shoes.


Black earrings and black earrings with brown leather straps.


Black high-heeled shoes with brown soles with black tips.


Black wristband with brown shoes and brown socks.


Black shoe with brown heels, black soles on white socks with brown heel tags, white leather socks and brown boots.


Black tank top with brown socks and blue boots.


Black leggings and black leggies with black trainers.


Black skirt and black skirt with white leather soles in black.


Black flats and black flats with white sneakers, black sneakers with brown boots and brown leather sole.


Black loafers with white soles under black boots.


Black long-sleeve

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