October 11, 2021

Get your kids in a position to buy their first pair of shoes.

Here are five tips.

article Start by saying “I want to buy your first pair”.

If they ask, say “I’ll give you the best price”.

Then, buy the shoes and get them to the office.

“We’ll wait in the lobby and talk about what we should buy next”, says Dr. Sarah Farrar.

“It’s a good opportunity to say ‘Thank you for being such a great shopper, I really appreciate it.’

You need to say something to encourage them.”

Next, tell them to shop online and get the best deals.

Then, they’ll have a better idea of what to buy.

Farram says parents should also say “thank you” to retailers such as Forever 21 and Target when they buy online.

“They’re really helpful, so I encourage parents to do that,” she says.

If they buy from a brick and mortar store, say thank them when they shop.

“Just saying ‘thank you’ is not enough,” Farrad says.

“If your child doesn’t get the message that it’s great, it will be a challenge for them.

So, it’s best if you talk about the price with them.”

Also, keep a note of the price and how much they’ve paid.

“You want to get as much value out of it as you can,” Fargar says.

After you get them excited about the purchase, talk about it with them and give them an example of a good deal.

“Say, ‘I’m going to tell you about this new shoe we’re going to buy for you, and I’ll show you how to pay for it’.” They’ll be more likely to buy it.

“That will help them to feel good about the transaction and to feel like they’re making a good choice,” Far says, adding that parents need to remember that it can take time to really get the details right.

You can also ask a parent if they’ve bought clothes from Target before.

“Parents need to understand that retailers have a certain amount of time before a deal goes live,” Farshar says of Target’s sales process.

“Target has a 30-day delivery window, so it might take a couple of weeks before they’re able to sell the items.”

Also make sure to check if there’s a return policy.

“I know there’s an exception that some stores have, but it’s not necessarily mandatory, and it’s a great opportunity for parents to make sure their child has an experience,” Farrell says.

When it comes to the kids, Farrars says parents needn’t be afraid to ask if they can buy anything at home.

“The idea is to be honest and upfront with them, but also to be respectful,” she adds.

“So, I say, ‘OK, can you get a little bit of extra cash, and we can get some clothes to you?'”

Farrs says parents can also encourage their kids to make a little extra money by taking them to a mall or sporting event.

“Then, they can take their shoes and do that in the comfort of their own home,” she explains.

“Because, parents have a great deal of freedom with their kids, they don’t have to think too much about what they want to do.

So we’re not telling them, ‘Well, I want to go to a sporting event or go to the mall, or you have to pay a lot more money for a dress,'” she says, noting that the extra cash can be spent on clothes.

FARRAR says the best advice for parents is to encourage their children to shop in the local stores.

“Don’t tell them ‘I can’t go there because it’s too expensive’, or ‘I have to go out of town for work,’ because it can be a great way to show them that they can be successful.”

If they do decide to go shopping at a mall, Farrell suggests asking if the kids can bring their own shoes and asking if they’ll take advantage of the free samples.

“Do you know what we do at Target, and that’s free samples?

You can get a pair of sneakers for $3, and if you’re going shopping with them you can get two pairs of shoes for $20,” she notes.

“For the little ones, it is a great option.

Parents can use the free shopping sample to make more decisions.”

Farrard says it’s important to encourage kids to go outside when they can.

“This is one of the things that parents should be most worried about.

So many of the retailers have outdoor spaces and kids have to play outside in the cold weather,” she suggests.

“When parents are talking to their kids about it, it can really be beneficial.”

FARRARS advice is that parents try to set aside time to visit the local mall when the

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